Some Useful Blinds Buying Tips

Practical, easy to use and durable, wooden shutter blinds are great for every home. Easy to maintain and versatile, these shutters can be used independently or in combination with curtains to accentuate their appeal.

With infinite choice of colors, designs, styles and materials, it can get overwhelming to find the right one for your home. The article here has come with useful suggestions to guide you on the same.

Different Types of Blinds

According to the style and structure of each of your room, different types of blinds with specific features tend to function perfectly.

Shutter Venetian blinds or Roller blinds are great options for bathrooms. As bathrooms are prone to moisture and damp, it is better to avoid fabric blinds or Roman blinds. Choose something that would go with the rest of your rooms. If your bath space lacks the natural light, you can cheer it up with light colored blinds.


Blinds are preferred for kitchen areas because they provide easy clean-up and convenient maintenance. As kitchen calls for grease from the cooking and lots of eventual dust, it is advisable to buy blinds that offer easy and mess-free clean-up. Here shutter Venetian blinds would definitely be a sensible choice.

Living Room

If you want to give a classy look to your living room, choose from the various styles of vertical blinds that are perfect for contemporary sliding glass doors or huge traditional windows. Vertical blinds are great on the maintenance side and require only periodic dusting to keep its shine alive for years.


Conservatories usually get very hot during the summer months. To keep your conservatory cool, blinds are a great option. It can help regulate the light entering the conservatory while maintaining the privacy level. There are lot of options to choose from but some preferred styles are Roman blinds and Roller blinds because of their cool looks. However, if you want easy maintenance blinds, they are not very good options as they can easily accumulate insects and dust. Venetian or vertical blinds are better options, as they come with easy maintenance and clean-up. But whatever you choose, make sure they can withstand the high heat of the summer season.

Personalized or Readymade?

Another important thing to decide before you buy the shutters is whether to go for the blinds on the shelves or customized blinds? If you want the blinds to fit perfectly with your window frames, it is recommended that you customize blinds because ready-made ones do not always match the measurements of your window frames. The following things should be considered before you decide on this matter.

Your window size

Preferred style of blind

Preferred design of blind

Money you are ready to spend

The concluding point is whether you buy shutter blinds online or hop on to the store; do not get lured by the discounted items, instead let your needs and preferences drive the reason you are buying blinds and your final choice.